Saturday, August 7, 2010

A continuation

Next Episode: Avenue of the Giants, Beautiful 101 driving, Arcata/Eureka + Rachel, Highway 1 shenanigans + saving old people from the side of the road, Bluff camping at sundown, and arriving in San Francisco.

Leaving Crescent City, I couldn't avoid the Avenue of the Giants. Talk about a pretty ride! I really didn't take many photos, because I was having way too much fun bombing through the little windy roads amongst the humbling Redwoods. It was just a good time in and out. Hardly any cars were on the road, and the sun was shining brightly through the trees. Quality mopeding. After a few round trips I finally located the "GIANT TREE" area, where I did take people were driving past and one of the guys headed into town to call for a tow truck. It was a surreal experience, considering I had just pondered what would happen if I went off the road. Right after that, I decided it was safest to pull off the road and sleep. A few big trees and tall grass orchestrated my sleep that night... a knock-on-wood experience.

The following day was more highway 1 driving, and my god was it pretty. The sun was out, the roads were winding, the shoulders were large! ..and by large, I mean there was absolutely no shoulder, unless you consider a 300ft sheer rocky cliff that drops off about 2 ft from the edge of the road, a shoulder.

Time limits slaying me again.. much more is to be said..and I haven't even discussed San Francisco! Oi!

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