Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Santa Cruzing

A short update before bed.. well, more like a history lesson, as I'm weeks behind on updating this blog.

The drive down Route 9 was just like any other hilly, windy road.. except you overlooked San Jose. It was pretty at night (when I left). Next stop: Santa Cruz.

The beaches were kinda boring (i.e. no crazy cliffs/rocks) near downtown SC, but it was still a beautiful day to be out. I met up with the seemingly lone moped rider in the area by the name of Kyle. Kyle was riding a blue stock Motobecane Mobylette 50v (I think it was a 50), which later contributed to my growing love for Mobys. We talked about some random things, then decided on a little ride around the area before he had to head off. I rolled my bike up, and he was pretty shocked when he realized I wasn't lying about "Hauling all my shit everywhere I go". Little did he know, Ogre had just been brought back to life and was faster than ever!

Our ride took us through some coastal roads, spanning Twin Lakes, Opal Cliffs, Capitola and I think a bit of Rio Del Mar. It was sunny, blasty at times and basically a rad way to spend the day. We parted ways afterwards, and I headed south towards the Monterey Peninsula.

I'll cliffnote the next part (except the first rant), since I'm lazy and tired.

CSU:MB/Marina/Fort Ord: What. The. Fuck? I have been in some pretty shady areas of cities, with run down buildings galore, but I've never really felt like I was in a post-apocalyptic situation until I entered this area. Marina didn't set a good tone, with the craptastic housing and shitty roads. Ford Ord (well, where it WAS) and the University though? Total devistation. The roads were falling apart. There were no street signs. The grass was either burned out or completely dead. Trash was EVERYWHERE. There were countless buildings with dilapidated walls/ceilings and broken windows. It seriously looked like a bomb went off and killed every human in the area, then sat for 50 years. I really thought I was in the Twilight Zone... until I saw the University. The grass was back, the buildings weren't falling down or missing windows and the roads were solid. Talk about out of place! It's as if the campus had been air-dropped into the middle of a war zone. Fucked up. Anyway..

Monterey downtown: The Wharf had too many people, but zipping through the tunnel was awesome

Lover's Point Park: SQUIRREL

Ashley: So adventurous and brave, yet stuck in school. Quite the combo. You're young, you'll find your way

Pebble Beach/17mi Drive: $10 to get in, and no motorcycles? Pretentious fucks.

Carmel-by-the-Sea: Beautiful. Amazing little houses, surprisingly non-pretentious people, despite working in the movie industry and having a TON more money than I will ever have.

I'd like to say thank you to the landscapers that were in charge of the foliage on the hill side, just south of Carmel. The way you positioned the trees at both the top of the hill, along the roadside, and at the bottom, provided me a perfect sleeping area. The trees had protected me from view of both the residents on the street, and those passing by on Highway 1. The straw also provided a fantastic mattress. Thanks again!

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  1. Totally agree with you about Fort Ord. I used to hate driving out there to meet with friends when I was attending DLI at the Presidio. It was pretty much a dead zone for cell phones, and all the houses boarded up were creepy.

    The wharf is always packed, unless you go early in the morning. Then you just have to contend with the military folks doing PT. Also nothing is open.

    Lover's Point is awesome.

    Screw 17 Mile Drive, I never bothered with it.