Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Seafoam green is in fashion.

There never seems to be enough time in the day. Before I know it, the sun is setting, and I still have a list of things I want to do. Today was no different.

Leaving the house later than I aspired probably didn't help with the whole time thing, but I just felt like sleeping in a bit. My goal was to visit either Cougar Mountain, or West Tiger Mountain. West Tiger won, since I found a trail that lead right to the summit. The only trouble was the method of getting there..

Option #1: Ferry to Seattle, then hop on I-90 east, and take that for 17 miles to the small road with the trailhead.

Option #2: Ferry to Seattle, then take backroads to the aforementioned road..all 41 miles required to get to the little road.

The easier route won. Option #1 it was.. oh my. Let's just say, in the state of Washington, it's perfectly legal for mopeds to travel on highways. Is it a good idea though? NO! Maybe the state didn't find it necessary to outlaw mopeds on the interstate, because they knew only crazy people would attempt it. Just picture driving on 695 at 30mph. You'd get swallowed alive as a car. Now, picture that on a wee moped. Terrifying..yet, time efficient. I made the trip in 35 minutes, vs the hour 15min return trip via backroads.

The tiger mountain hike was more a work-out than a peaceful hike. The trail was around 3.5miles one way, and a brutal climb. I thought I was in decent enough shape, 'til I strapped on my bag and hiked up this mountain. There's a good chance I sweated out about 3 gallons on the way up..but everyone headed up was in about the same condition, without having a 35lb bag on their back.

Highlight of the trip: (quick note: the trail winds through dense forest the entire way) Emerging from the woods onto a cleared landing at the summit. At the very moment I walked out of the tree line, the climax of Sigur Ros' song, Glosoli was playing. The timing was impeccable and completely unintentional. It's like Jonsi was watching me from Iceland and manipulating my zune. There is something truly amazing about looking out over 3 mountains on a beautiful sunny day while a few Icelanders erupt into a musical joygasm.

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