Thursday, July 8, 2010

Seattle/Friday Harbor

I visited Seattle for the first time two days ago, and I can say I was only partially impressed (at least of what I saw.. Pike Place Market). The ferry ride over was fun, yet cold.

The Pike Place Market was the only semi-disappointing thing. Everyone hypes it up as this aammaazing market, with incredible things everywhere. This may be true, but the excessive swarms of people (even on a Monday at 1pm) make it nearly impossible to enjoy anything the market may have. Though.. the honey sticks were pretty rad. I plan on making another trip into the city today, but exploring a bit further in.

Friday Harbor was yesterday, and was fantastic. It was the first perfect day Seattle has seen in... a while. Temperatures in the 80s, hardly any clouds in the sky. Our journey from Silverdale to San Juan took about 3.5 hours, but flew by since the scenery changed so much. Jake wasn't a big fan of the first ferry. Eventually we end up in Friday Harbor on San Juan island; a tiny, 9 square block town located right at the ferry drop off. A pretty and very hilly town, but once again swarmed with tourists..oh well. We found Susie's Mopeds a little up the hill, and I found my new mode of transportation. A few conversations later, a scramble to get tags, and a shop visit later, I had my wheels.

The ride back was really long, yet relaxing. Flying through the backroads at a solid 33mph (top speed, 50! Thank you pacific NW hills) is zen-like.. 'til the bugs start hitting you in the face, but that may just be part of the fun.

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